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August 29 2010 – Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory 

I was asked to write a review about Wondershare’s new and improved program, and so today I took the opportunity to really check this program out and see all the things it can do.

My experience was amazing… This program is awesome – really awesome! I was impressed and it was a real pleasure to “look around” and see all the great features included, and check out all the things it can do.
It’s Wondershare’s Flash Gallery Factory program… An all-in-one Interactive 3d Flash slideshow and photo gallery maker which let’s you create dynamic photo galleries and flash slideshows for websites or blogs, or allows you to publish to a variety of social media sites. You can use the program to create digital photo albums or shows, flash banners, flash slideshows, 3D galleries and many others.

In the end once you publish your created show – you have a high quality movie or photo presentation in Flash .swf mode. But that’s not all – you can also export or publish your show to use as your very own screensaver, or publish it to a variety of other computer modes. There is no need to know flash and no programming skills are required…

It really is easy and anyone can do it…In litterly minutes I was so amazed by all the effects and cool graphics that are displayed – my end result is truly amazing, one that is high quality, professional, and looks like it took days or weeks to produce! This truly is the way to preserve those special memories…

I love this program and everyone should try it, use it and be amazed at what you can create…

Do you have your summer photos ready? How about from a European Holiday, or Hawaii vacation? What about a summer camping trip, family wedding, birthday party, or a friends get-together. How about making a slideshow for that special someone, or what about a Christmas photo display, or how about sending out a Christmas e-card? Many themes are included from 3d Flash effects, to interactive slideshow modes.
First make sure your photos are in digital form, then with a few clicks adding photos is a breeze. Add a theme, motion and transition effect which truly bring your photos to life, then add some text, background music and in the end you have a high quality professional photo presentation which you can share anywhere, or how about sending it to your friends & family by email? What about uploading it to your very own online album? Or use Wondershare’s services for free hosting? Or how about adding it to your own website or blog? The sharing possibilities are endless…

I really enjoyed testing this program and was litteraly amazed at the look of the panel in which to create your gallery. With so many added templates, themes and features – one would surely be amazed at all the things it can do!

In order to do this review, I had a copy of the Flash Gallery Factory program – Now I can’t wait for my upgrade to the latest version! You can download a 30 day trial to test the program out before you buy, but it does put a watermark on your pictures…


How would you like to receive your very own Flash Gallery Factory program for Free ?

Yes, for Free…. All you need to do is become a Fan of Wondershare on Facebook and you can get your very own copy of Flash Gallery Standard….

Yes, for Free… Sign in / or sign – up for Facebook – Click on this link – like the page, go to their Giveaway section, fill in your name and email address and within seconds you will have your very own download link and registration code via email.

Download the program, enter in the registration details and you to can be amazed by all the great features and things this program can do. You won’t be disappointed… This is an excellent deal and a true Give-a-way.. But hurry because this Giveaway only lasts until August 30th 2010, so sign in to Facebook today! Don’t miss out on this incredible deal…

Wow, with so many design themes and features included and awesome things you can do – this really is an excellent program to create digital photo shows or slideshows – ones which will impress you!

In my opinion, this program tops the competitors. Many of the competitors expect you to know something about Flash, and often you need some knowledge of flash in order to operate or run the program, or create your show. With Wondershare’s Flash Gallery Factory – no knowledge of flash is needed, and anyone can do it. Create amazing photo shows…

This program is priced to sell! At a cost which is affordable. I think Wondershare is giving this program away!! For the amount of features, themes and inclusions – it really is at a cost to sell…The cost of this program will not be this low anywhere else – You would truly be at a loss without it!

Are you a photographer, web enthusiast, or enjoy creating photos show… then this program is for you! Don’t delay and get your free license code today!
Hurry though, because as mentioned above the Give-a-way is only on until August 30th 2010… If you miss this deal, please email me for further details.

I really enjoyed using this program and was amazed at all the features it has… It is excellent and will be well used.  Now, I can’t wait to get my up-

To learn more – check out this link and please visit – Flash Gallery Factory.

Please get in touch to learn more, or to view a sample of my shows, or if you have any questions or comments.

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