DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

August 11 2010

This evening I had the pleasure of testing out a new program.. A new and improved all-in-one DVD Slideshow Movie Making Software…

It’s Wondershare’s program – The DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe. My first initial thought was WOW look at all the things it can do! It’s easy to use, easy to understand and quick to produce a photo show movie or slideshow within literally minutes. Once the slideshow is created, you can post it to your blog, website, or view from your computer, mobile phone or how about watching it on your own T.V….It has so many added features and neat things you can do with it, and a variety of ways to view the finished product. In order to do this review, I downloaded a free 30 day trial and was so impressed by the speed, functions and usability of the program that I give it a 100% / 5* rating.

After the installation which only took a few minutes on Windows 7, I was ‘ in ‘ the program…I found there was no need to review the support pages, or view the guide book or manual and within a few clicks in either standard or advance mode, after uploading 5 or so photos – adding an effect was a breeze….Background music can also be added. In minutes I had a really nice professional looking slideshow, one which looks like it took days or weeks to produce! One thought I did have, is on the Trial version, a watermark is entered on all your photos… This is so people can’t simply use the program for free without paying for a full license or retail version to use it. So this wasn’t a real bother to me… but others may find this somewhat annoying or a turn off. All one needs to do is buy the full program, and the watermark is removed. With very reasonable and affordable rates, one would surely miss out if they didn’t buy this! My finished product is wonderful….

I found the program clear, crisp and professional looking. You can also Share as you go – How about uploading it to your Facebook page? Or what about watching it on your iPhone or iPod? Wow, with so many features and awesome things you can do – this really is the best DVD maker on the market today, and by far tops many of the competitors… With prices which are affordable one would be at a loss without this program! It really was a pleasure to test and try this program out and in the end I found it really good. I absolutely adored it. Can’t wait to get the full version!

To learn more – check out this link and please visit – http://www.wondershare.com/pro/dvd-slideshow-builder-deluxe.html

Please get in touch to view a sample of my Slideshows, or if you have any questions or comments, or to purchase…

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